A multi-disciplinary group designing and researching new technologies for education. We understand new technologies not only as a way to optimize the existing educational system, but as a transformative force that can generate radically new ways of knowing and learning.

Multimodal Learning Analytics , 2009-2014
Using advanced sensing and artificial intelligence technologies, we are investigating new ways to assess project-based activities, examining students' speech, gestures, sketches, and artifacts in order to better characterize their learning over extended periods of time.
FabLab@School , 2009-2015
We are taking cutting edge fabrication labs and adapting them to schools. We are establishing a worldwide network of labs to share ideas and projects. Check out our latest projects, including a new FabLab@School in Bangkok, Thailand.
SLATE (System for Learning and Assessment through Tangible Exploration) a low-cost, interactive, tangible display for children to learn about engineering and physics by building and exploring complex machines.