Bourn Idea Lab at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA

The third FabLab@School came about with a 2-year agreement for lab implemenation, professional development, and research with the Castilleja School, an all-girls school in Palo Alto. The Bourn Idea Lab (named in honor of Castilleja's Robotics mentor Doug Bourn) is generously funded by Castilleja School, the E.E. Ford Foundation, and the Doug Bourn Memorial Fund.

The lab opened in March 2012 and has been used by teachers leading projects in the History, Math, Science, and Art department. Example projects include da Vinci machine replicas in 7th grade history class, mechanical boxes to tell a story in 8th grade art class, and monuments for female figures in American history in 8th grade history class. The lab also hosts weekly "Open Lab" times after school, in which students can take part in a semi-structured activity or work on a project of their choice. 
The girls' work has been featured on the Thingiverse/Makerbot website and the Mercury News. The Bourn Idea Lab is also the proud recipient of the Rambus/KCI Innovation Award for 2012.


Video of one of the teacher preparation programs conducted by Stanford


GoGo Board workshop


Faculty workshop

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