Experimentarium 1502 MPEI - Moscow, Russia

The first FabLab@School in a high-school started construction in late 2009 and was officially opened on June 2011 at at the 1502 MPEI high-school in Moscow, Russia. The lab was generously funded by Euan Baird, former CEO of the Schlumberger Corporation, and implemented in partnership with 
Schlumberger's educational foundation, 

The newly built FabLab@School is a state-of-the-art digital fabrication lab bringing hands-on education to youth in Russia. Since its opening, students at the lab have won 
several international prizes in science and engineering. Design projects are currently underway between students in Nairobi, Bangkok and Moscow.


Opening of of the first Russian FabLab@School - TVC Channel (Subtitled)


Opening of the first Russian FabLab@School - Prosvechenye Channel

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