Bifocal Modeling Inquiry-driven learning that challenges students to experience a scientific phenomenon through two lenses in parallel – a real experiment and a model.
Ear Explorer A tangible interface for exploring the human hearing system.
GoGo Board 5.0 The new GoGo Board 5.0 turns a Raspberry Pi into an easy-to-program robotics platform.
GoGo Board Low-cost, open-source educational robotics and physical computing. Robotics and sensing for everyone, everywhere.
DIY LEGOs An open-source and affordable LEGO alternative that allow students to realize simple machines of their imagination
LightUp A learning platform that combines tangible circuit building blocks with an augmented reality mobile app to teach kids about electronics & programming.

Completed projects

BrainExplorer An augmented small scale brain to prepare students for future learning in neuroscience.
Combinatorix A tangible interface that supports students' collaborative learning of probabilities
Multimodal Learning Analytics Combining multimodal computational tools with theoretically grounded research to study how students learn in complex, hands-on learning environments.
BioLab Leveraging cloud computation to enable interactive remote experimentation in biology laboratories
Hapkit An open-hardware haptic device designed to be very low-cost and easy to assemble.
FabLearn Conferences A venue for presenting, discussing and learning about digital fabrication in education, the “makers” culture, and hands-on learning.
FabLearn Fellows Program Supporting educators in transforming their experiences teaching in makerspaces into open-source educational materials and academic research.
FabLearn Labs (formerly FabLab@School) Low-cost digital spaces where you can “make almost anything”, aimed at supporting project-based student-centered learning.