Beyond Bits and Atoms - Fall 2012 Projects

These are the projects presented by the students on December 7th, 2012 for the “Beyond Bits and Atoms: Creative Technologies for On//Offline Learning" class, taught by Prof. Paulo Blikstein at Stanford.

Students will be showed several novel technology-enhanced learning environments and toolkits for learners to explore a broad range of disciplines from programming to music, fractals to economics, language arts to logic. Below is a summary of the projects and their videos.


Fractile Art

Amy Ahearn, Laura Bruursema, Sarah Gonzaga, Zaza Kabayadondo, Kirti Patel

Our toolkit enables learners to explore the mathematics of fractal patterns and create interactive works of art. The toolkit consists of interactive tabletop technology and tangible shapes that learners can use to build their own fractal patterns based on iterated functions systems.  Students can then print their pattern and use our paper-based circuitry kit to create a unique art project where multiple levels of the fractal are illuminated.


Joe Powers, Luana Marotta

The ARTBARK toolkit is designed to aid abstract thinking and prewriting for middle-school learners with dyslexia. It allows students to store and retrieve concepts, story components, or facts without relying on text, and then manipulate their order and groupings.


Mohamed Yassine, Danny Cochran, Tara Adiseshan

Stamp notes on the screen to compose your own music, and explore how pitch, note duration, tempo, and choice of instrument affect your music piece. Listen to your favorite music pieces and modify them. Learning activities included to help you with ear training for better music composition.

Offline // online economics

Max Alexander

This toolkit is a bifocal modeling activity featuring NetLogo economics simulations. It supports online video and reading materials on basic economics, and transforms the fabrication lab into a simulated market in which students can understand inflation, loan rates and returns, and values of different resources.

Dr. Wagon

Kunal Chawla, Alfredo Sandes, Megan Chiou

Dr. Wagon helps children learn computer programming. Learners can manipulate easy-to-use physical blocks to control the movement of a robot while learning programming concepts such as control structures and loops.


Nancy Otero, Engin Bumbacher, Amit Deutsch

BeatTable is a modern musico-mathematical phenomenon in the techno-digital-learning- arts-tech space, designed to meerge music and mathematics. You learn some ratio, you learn some rhythm, you learn to move it move it-- all while having super fun!


Jonathan Kleiman and Michael Pope

Royo Blocks offer children a way to develop foundational reading skills.  The kit consists of 60 RDIF-enabled word blocks, a reading companion, and a set of materials to encourage sentence creation and word identification.


Achani Biaou

Chatlogics is an online conversation platform to inspire children to integrate logical thinking in everyday life. Children earn points by providing logically sound support for their statements or by finding argumentative holes in the statements of other players.